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Dominique SusaniDominique Susani is a European Master Builder and a true renaissance man. His sacred geometry wisdom is deep and includes hidden knowledge of building energetic structures that are healing for all life. He teaches courses in the US, France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, England, Ireland, Mexico, Peru, and Chile. He is a professor of literature and philosophy and has studied with Henry Quiquandon – the father of French geobiology and Raymond Montercy, an electric engineer that renewed the art of the master builders using translated mathematics. Dominique is an authority on earth energies, geomancy, and geobiology and their impact on human beings. He has mastered harmonizing spaces for the benefit of all life. He is a fascinating teacher, full of secret knowledge and helps his students decode the energies of sacred sites.

Karen Crowley-SusaniKaren Crowley-Susani is a teacher, designer, and builder of Sacred Sites using Solar and Sacred Geometry techniques. Her experience is vast and dynamic. Her love for sacred sites began with a passion for art history. She received her degree from UC Santa Barbara and this began her exploration of religious and sacred sites. Architecture, anthropology, and the relationship between art and culture defined much of her early years. Her professional career took off with flying as a pilot for the Air Force Reserves. She was a pilot for Pan Am, based in Berlin Germany. Being a worldwide pilot and flying internationally opened her up to the mysteries of the world. During her explorations, her passions soon took a more spiritual turn. She has studied Interior Alignment, feng shui, space clearing, astrology, Druid Geomancy, sacred geometry and the Art of the Master Builders. Mastering and sharing the secrets of the Master Builders is Karen’s life work. She leads workshops, tours, and builds custom structures, writes articles for Star Nations Magazine, and blogs about her sacred geometry adventures.

Anne Zonne Parker Anne Z. Parker is passionate about leading towards an environmentally sustainable, socially just, and balanced present and future world. She is Professor of Environmental Studies at Naropa University where she teaches about geography, new science, environmental leadership, pilgrimage, sacred landscape, and related subjects. She lived and studied with Aboriginal communities in the Central Desert of Australia and spent many years living in the Himalayan region studying traditional agriculture, land use, and sacred places. She is the author of Stories from the Origin and Multiethnic Interface in Eastern Nepal. She has explored sacred sites in Europe – walking the Chemin de Saint Jacques in France and the Camino de Santiago in Spain. Her research on European sacred sites has focused on the Black Madonnas and megalithic sites, and she has recently completed a study of stupas in Bhutan together with Tshering Choden and Dominique Susani. Anne is trained in sacred/natural geometry and geomancy and engages in their practical application to harmonizing homes, public buildings, and spaces. She is available for consultations utilizing these techniques. Anne also teaches Beginning Dowsing, Art of Stones, and Sacred Geometry Mandala classes in Boulder, Colorado, USA.